I Would Recommend Anyone Who Needs IT, Website or Online Marketing Services to Get Lori on Their Team Now!

Susan E. Ouellette, CRNP, CSP, RN, CLNC
Certified Registered Psychiatric & Medical Nurse Practitioner, Health Care Advocate, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

I have used Lori’s services and she is phemonemal! I live in Baltimore and she lives in Seattle so all of our work has been online or on the phone. I trust her work implicitly. She answers the phone or responds very quickly. She is always friendly, has a can-do attitude and completes her work very efficiently and in a very timely manner. I can truly count on her to do great work at reasonable prices. She is the best! I would recommend anyone who needs IT, website or on line marketing services to get Lori on their team now!
Sue Ouellette
November 27, 2016, Susan E. was Lori Bratz’s client

“If you’re like me, and want your business to thrive, then talk with Lori Bratz.”

I was introduced to Lori Bratz early in 2013. She came highly recommended as someone who could resolve my then biggest business problem: client on-line scheduling. She quickly solved that problem.

She’s easy to work with. And so I’m now working  with her on other technology and marketing issues.

If you’re like me and own a small business, then you realize how important skilled vendors are. Our companies cannot afford to be “trailing edge” technologically.

Lori has complimentary skill sets: technology and marketing. Go ahead, ask her what she did at a little company named Microsoft! I could say that she’s efficient and knowledgeable, but those words alone don’t adequately recognize her value. Someone once lauded her as a “Champion.”  If you’re like me, and want your business to thrive, then I strongly consider that you talk with Lori Bratz. Discuss your business challenges. If she can address them, she’ll be honest with you.


It can be lonely running a business. Don’t settle for an adequate vendor. It’s wonderful working with Lori, she’s a champion.


Warmest regards,

Kevin O’Kane

Kevin J. O’Kane, LLC

MSP Hypnosis

Living Lite Minneapolis

Living Lite Chicago


“…it cost a fraction of what I had expected because she knows exactly what she is doing”

Nurse-Midwife at Hennepin County Medical Center; Indoor Cycling and Krankcycle Instructor at Revolution Cycle + Fitness

Web Pro Help is amazing.
I trusted Lori Bratz to write some keyword-rich copy for our website and she researched and turned out amazing copy so quickly! Her writing was thoughtful, insightful and filled with the keywords that people and search engines use to find our services. Her work was exactly what we needed and it was very affordable. In fact, it cost a fraction of what I had expected because she knows exactly what she is doing.

I highly recommend WebProHelp.com and will definitely call them, and Lori Bratz again. A+

Kathy Leggitt, RN, CNM
Nurse-Midwife Service
Hennepin County Medical Center

December 30, 2015, Kathryn was Lori Bratz’s client

I have always been glad to have WebProHelp.com on our team.


Lori came HIGHLY recommended by a marketing friend when we needed our website to get more visibility in 2007. Ever since then she has always attended to our IT needs with speed and grace. Even after our website’s platform was no longer supported she found ways to beat the system and make it work in the 3 years before we could get a new website. She’s quick, she’s affordable and best of all she really knows what she is doing. I have always been glad to have her on our team.

Patti Pitcher and Steven M. Hall, MD

Steven M. Hall, M.D.
Steven M. Hall, M.D.

I’m on Page 1 of Google! You need Lori Bratz.

I met Lori Bratz about 10 years ago at a Google workshop.  She was the BEST thing I got from that class.  Lori has been my webmaster since that day.  She is a joy to work with, kicking ideas around and coming up with terrific results.  She does the work faster than anyone I’ve ever worked with (I’ve had a website since 1994 and a LOT of webmasters) and  she keeps my site updated beautifully.  I’m on Page 1 of Google for “hypnosis weight loss” in no small measure due to Lori.

Lori is really, really smart and very funny; two qualities I need in people I work with—AND she answers her phone.  If you’re looking for a quality website, professionally designed and problem-free, you need Lori Bratz.

Author, therapist and CEO of the Living Lite Weight Loss program, Katie Evans

Living Lite Now!

Lori Bratz is a Great Asset to our Business

Lori has been such a great asset to our business.  Her positive attitude is contagious and very appreciated.  Her knowledge and great ideas are priceless! Lori, you’re so awesome and we are so happy to have you a part of our team.  Thank you for all you do.  You ROCK!

Marc and Christiana Castoriano NaturesHelperNW.com

Lori Has Played An Integral Part In The Growth Of Our Internet Business

Lori’s technical knowledge of web site programming, search engines, configuring foreign programs, etc. has played an integral part in the growth of our internet business.  Just one week after she reconfigured our web site and search engine categories, we received an inquiry from a major retailer in Oregon.  They are our biggest retail customer and place repeat orders monthly for all nine stores.  There’s just no way they would have found out about us if the search engine wording wasn’t precise.

Julie Steil
River Valley Ranch