Why Switch to WebProHelp?

imageWhy switch? by: Lori Bratz WebProHelp Are you HAPPY with the CUSTOMER SERVICE you are getting with your current website management company? What are you PAYING for? We polled business owners and asked them their biggest complaints about their web administrator and every single one of them said that they could NOT get help when they needed it!  They call and call and leave message after message and don't hear back for DAYS, if ever! #1. Can't get a hold of their web person.  OUCH! What if there's an emergency? Can you get a hold of the correct person to assist you?   At Web Pro Help, you have an account manager who KNOWS YOUR NAME and ANSWERS YOUR CALLS!
Here's the Web Pro Help Customer Service Difference: Web Pro Help:     We answer the phone! The Other Guys:   Do NOT answer the phone! Web Pro Help:      We aim to please! The other guys:     Have a Push Back and Say NO culture. We Pro Help:       We KNOW and CARE about your business. The Other Guys:   Who are you, again?
At WebProHelp, we KNOW who you are and what your goals are and we CARE that you succeed!

Sales Reps Needed!

Spring is in the air and everything is turning green, especially your POCKETS!

cash WebProHelp.com is offering cash green money to you for your referrals! That means if you refer a friend who becomes a customer, you will get 10% of their first payment to Web Pro Help! If they spend $1000, you get $100. If they spend $5000, you get $500. That's REAL money!


Frequestly Asked Questions: Where can I find clients to refer? EVERYWHERE! The play spot cafe you visit. Your favorite shop. Your kids' favorite restaurant. Anyplace you visit that has or wants a website, site updates, help with their facebook fanpage, twitter, fresh new content or help being found in the search engines! Fine print: · Your friend needs to buy and pay for web services. · You will be paid after their check clears. · Your 10% commission applies to the very first payment your friend makes. It behooves you to talk us up. · We cannot pay any referral fee for referral to any government or government funded agency or government contractor or subcontractor. That's called a kickback and that's illegal! Non gov agencies only! · Friends who refer 5 clients will receive a stylish WebProHelp.com HAT! eMail Lori Bratz today and let's do business! Lori@WebProHelp.com

Hello and GOOD bye. Why your clients are leaving you before they even get started.

Hello and GOOD bye. Why your clients are leaving you before they even get started. by Lori Bratz WebProHelp.com Dear Service Providers from all walks of life. As a website manager, a big part of my job is to set up services for my clients. Hosting, rss feeds, inventory, distribution, shipping, etc. Guess what? No matter how excellent your company looks to the world, when you don't answer your phone for your clients for SIMPLE QUESTIONS, its a great big red flag. "What if I have a crisis or a problem? If they can't answer for this simple thing, what will happen when there's a problem?" I have a client RIGHT NOW who had decided to work with a company that would host his company website and provide other expensive services. "It's good because its all in one place." This man is an experienced business man, with a long career in IT. He's smart. He has his OWN clients to work for. Yesterday we tried several times to call XYZ and NO ANSWER. After leaving a message and waiting nearly half an hour, my client said, "Lets not go with them. This is too scary." The lesson? Man, answer that phone or provide your clients and customers with a text number. Even something as simple as "I got your message and I'm looking into it. Will be in touch within 4 hours."

How to Start a Website with a CMS Content Management System

How to Start a Website with a CMS Content Management System by: Lori Bratz WebProHelp Content Management Systems , CMS, are an efficient way to build and maintain a website.  The biggest draw to using a CMS is that users do NOT have to have specialized technical skill to create or manage web pages.  Generally, if you are familiar with how to use word processing software, you will be able to use a CMS.

How To Start a Website

How to Start a Website By Lori Bratz WebProHelp.com Every business needs a website.  There's no doubt about that.  But where do you start? photo of professional web help Yes, you CAN build your own website. It's not really that hard. You can build it using google pages, wordpress, blogsite, etc. and it may look as pretty as your business card. A pro writes and organizes your content in a logical, SEO-rich, intuitive way and does all the valuable behind-the-scenes stuff that make your site a functioning, search-engine-indexed, income-generating entity on the web. Building your own website can be a lot like stuffing your business card in the mail slot at the public library and expecting it to magically be a part of the card catalog. But enough about MY best interests. Let me give you some tips and their associated trips. DIY Tip: If you decide to go it alone, do yourself a favor and keep it simple. Bells and whistles are like jewelry. Less is more. Remember, the goal of your website is to be your company's first impression. It's your business's eHome and people are dropping in at all hours. And they're judging. Keep it simple, well-organized, clean and for goodness sakes water the plants. (Don't have dead links, broken images, outdated info.) DIY Trip: Simple is good - but it's ok to add some razzle dazzle. If your site is TOO sparse, then it can look weak and unprofessional. DIY Tip: Buy a domain name and buy your own hosting. My recommendation, GoDaddy and Dreamhost. Choose a plan, pay your bills on time, remain on top of those things. DIY Trip: Don't just buy your domain name and hosting and walk away. Make sure you renew your domain name AND make sure you pay your host. Otherwise, you will lose your domain name and/or your host will take your site down for non-payment. Seems pretty basic but I've seen this happen over and over and over again to smart, well-meaning business owners. DIY Tip: Start a blog. You can use your domain name as your blog name. Its nice because blogs already have databases and other handy infrastructure. And the big bonus is that they can be updated by YOU any time you want! DIY Trip: You can't really customize your blog without technical or programming knowledge (because you need to get at the CSS to make changes and customize layouts, etc.). So, you choose any available template and just try to be happy. Also, you might not know how to manage the comments that people and spammers leave. Be diligent about monitoring for inappropriate comments and keep the moderation cue tidy. Deleting 3000 spam messages gets to a person. (A pro can run a script thru the SQL and clean those nasty things out lickity split.) DIY Tip: Content Content Content. Remember, your target audience is a search engine spider looking to find out what your website is all about. DIY Trip: Unnecessary content. Repeating and repackaging your elevator pitch over and over on your website is a huge waste of 1's and 0's. Unless you are talking about Marie Antoinette, do not overuse words like Revolutionary. If you have a store that sells boulders, please clearly state that you sell boulders, which are a lot like rocks and stones and gravel.... You get the idea. Good luck! Let your creativity flow! Call us if you need pro web help!

Wikipedia. Why Do We Care About Wikipedia?

Wikipedia.  Why Do We Care About Wikipedia? By Lori Bratz webprohelp.com Wikipedia is such an amazing community!  Who hasn't spent hours poring over article after article about March Madness or The Russian Space Shuttle?  Wikipedia is a BIG DEAL.  When you're searching for something on the internet you'll notice that a vast majority of the time the first or second entry on Google's search engine results page will be a Wikipedia entry. Why create your own Wikipedia article? Reputation management. Your Wikipedia article will probably rank on page one for your company name.  You want to get in front of that and control what information is being featured about your company before someone else decides to write a page about your company that features a lot of info you do not want to share.  While it is true that your Wikipedia article can be edited by ANYONE, they need to validate their info with sources. What should you do if someone edits my company's article and it's NOT flattering??  This is truly a case of the pen being mightier than the sword.  If you find yourself being cast infamously on Wikipedia, you can fight back by editing the article to show all your GOOD works, citing all your good deeds with their published sources! Why have a professional writer create your page for you?  Simple.  Wikipedia can be complicated.  The community may edit or even delete your article if you don't follow their tone, formatting and style guides.  If your article fails repeatedly, your business page can be BANNED from Wikipedia.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

picture of a man and woman meetingAffordable search engine optimization by Lori Bratz webprohelp.com How can a business owner get search engine optimization at an affordable price? Hire an expert with lots of experience and a track record of satisfied clients. Costs rise when the “pro” doesn’t know the actual development or SEO process. Web Pro Help is affordable because we know EXACTLY what to do, where to start and how to quickly optimize your website for top search engine placement. Web pro help has been optimizing sites for search engines since 2006. Our clients enjoy top organic Google placements by proper SEO techniques. We don’t waste a lot of time hunting and pecking and guessing what to do and then handing a spreadsheet over to your developer to implement. But enough about me.  What about you? What are your goals? Hm? What's that now? You're not sure?

Three goals for optimizing your site for search engines:

Goal number 1: Make sure your site has the proper structural hierarchy of information. Think back to high school composition class and apply that thinking to your search engine optimization. Logical, structured data, laid out in a clean, organized way. Don’t make the mistake of writing a simple business card website with pretty words and phrases and then, hide a long list of keywords at the bottom of your site in a font color that matches the background. Such a bad idea. Spiderbots hate anything that smacks of deception. And that truly does. Goal number 2: Make sure your site has the proper language. Think this through. Imagine your ideal customer going to their computer and looking for your business. What words do they type into their search engine? Be logical. Think like a consumer, not like an industry expert. Goal number 3: Make sure your site has a map for robots to follow. A site map gives instructions to search engine robots about where to find pages of your site that it might not find on its own. As a rule, spiders crawl the main pages of a site but can miss subpages. Good luck and call web pro help. We’re here to help!  

Website Management: Writing Content for SEO

picture of eyeglass Why hire a professional website managment company to manage your content? By Lori Bratz webprohelp.com You have a website that looks exactly like you want it to look, it contains all the necessary information about your business and it has some flash and some other cool elements. Congratulations are in order - until your competitor builds a website that has the fresh content that search engines crave, and they eat your celebration lunch. You have what I like to call A Business Card website. It's only useful to you and the people who already know about your business. A business card website is FINE if you are already very busy and can't handle more customers, or if you simply want a place for your existing customers to find information about your business. But, if you want to get the attention of the Googles and Bings and Yahoos of the world, and be listed on the first page as an actual information resource, then you need to get WRITING! Nothing tastes more delicious and keeps a spiderbot coming back to feast on MORE OF YOUR WEBSITE than fresh, hot, relevant content, served up piping hot each and every day. Mmmm, MMMM! :::robot voice::: Yum. This. Is. Delicious. :] Goal? Feed those spiderbots or your website will sink into the mire of Google's search results. Clearly the answer is for you to sit at your desk all day long and write articles about your industry, your business, your target demographic and keep posting them to your website. Make sure you put the correct heading, subheading and meta tags on each article and organize your site in a heirarchy of related content. Lucky thing you don't have a BUSINESS to run. Oh wait, you DO have a business to run. THAT is why you hire a website management company that specializes in writing good, effective website content. Good content writers do NOT have to have YOUR level of expertise to write content for you. Professional content writers do research on your industry, they talk with YOU to find out what message you'd like to put out, they learn about the latest news affecting your industry, and they produce good, solid content that feeds those search engines and keeps YOUR business on top of the organic search results! And THAT is delicious!