Welcome Carla St Clair

Office Manager Carla St Clair
Office Manager Carla St Clair

Web Pro Help is thrilled to welcome Office Manager Carla St Clair to our staff!

About Carla: In addition to managing the office, Carla also handles all of the invoicing and billing needs for the office. Born in Williamsport, PA and raised in Virginia and West Virginia, Carla moved west in 2005. Carla studied accounting and business management at Sante Fe Community College. She brings great energy to Web Pro Help every day.In her free time, Carla enjoys spending time with her young daughter and family. She also enjoys shopping, watching movies, and going to the parks.If you have any invoice/billing questions, email her at Carla@WebProHelp.com.

Why Switch to WebProHelp?

imageWhy switch?

by: Lori Bratz

Are you HAPPY with the CUSTOMER SERVICE you are getting with your current website management company?

What are you PAYING for?

We polled business owners and asked them their biggest complaints about their web administrator and every single one of them said that they could NOT get help when they needed it!  They call and call and leave message after message and don’t hear back for DAYS, if ever!

#1. Can’t get a hold of their web person.  OUCH!

What if there’s an emergency? Can you get a hold of the correct person to assist you?   At Web Pro Help, you have an account manager who KNOWS YOUR NAME and ANSWERS YOUR CALLS!

Here’s the Web Pro Help Customer Service Difference:

Web Pro Help:     We answer the phone!
The Other Guys:   Do NOT answer the phone!

Web Pro Help:      We aim to please!
The other guys:     Have a Push Back and Say NO culture.

We Pro Help:       We KNOW and CARE about your business.
The Other Guys:   Who are you, again?

At WebProHelp, we KNOW who you are and what your goals are and we CARE that you succeed!

Sales Reps Needed!

Spring is in the air and everything is turning green, especially your POCKETS!


WebProHelp.com is offering cash green money to you for your referrals! That means if you refer a friend who becomes a customer, you will get 10% of their first payment to Web Pro Help! If they spend $1000, you get $100. If they spend $5000, you get $500. That’s REAL money!


Frequestly Asked Questions:

Where can I find clients to refer?

EVERYWHERE! The play spot cafe you visit. Your favorite shop. Your kids’ favorite restaurant. Anyplace you visit that has or wants a website, site updates, help with their facebook fanpage, twitter, fresh new content or help being found in the search engines!

Fine print:

· Your friend needs to buy and pay for web services.

· You will be paid after their check clears.

· Your 10% commission applies to the very first payment your friend makes. It behooves you to talk us up.

· We cannot pay any referral fee for referral to any government or government funded agency or government contractor or subcontractor. That’s called a kickback and that’s illegal! Non gov agencies only!

· Friends who refer 5 clients will receive a stylish WebProHelp.com HAT!

eMail Lori Bratz today and let’s do business!


Hello and GOOD bye. Why your clients are leaving you before they even get started.

Hello and GOOD bye. Why your clients are leaving you before they even get started.
by Lori Bratz

Dear Service Providers from all walks of life. As a website manager, a big part of my job is to set up services for my clients. Hosting, rss feeds, inventory, distribution, shipping, etc. Guess what? No matter how excellent your company looks to the world, when you don’t answer your phone for your clients for SIMPLE QUESTIONS, its a great big red flag. “What if I have a crisis or a problem? If they can’t answer for this simple thing, what will happen when there’s a problem?”

I have a client RIGHT NOW who had decided to work with a company that would host his company website and provide other expensive services. “It’s good because its all in one place.” This man is an experienced business man, with a long career in IT. He’s smart. He has his OWN clients to work for. Yesterday we tried several times to call XYZ and NO ANSWER. After leaving a message and waiting nearly half an hour, my client said, “Lets not go with them. This is too scary.”

The lesson? Man, answer that phone or provide your clients and customers with a text number. Even something as simple as “I got your message and I’m looking into it. Will be in touch within 4 hours.”