10 Things You Need To Know About Your Website

If you don’t have an interactive presence yet, a knowledgeable consultant can help you get started on the right foot. If you do have a website, a consultant can help you to examine your situation and help you get the best value for your money.  If you fall into the latter category, take some time to do an inventory of what you have to show for the investment you’ve made.

Here are a just a few things you must have if you have an interactive presence.  Without a thorough understanding of these 10 key components, you will waste thousands of dollars in time and money trying to upgrade or edit your website.

1. A professionally written technical specification. This is a document that details exactly how your interactive project was built, the code, the images, database structure, etc. A technical specification is the DNA for your interactive property.

2. A professionally written user’s guide.  This document is a manual that helps users know how to perform routine editing to your interactive property.

3. A professionally prepared design document.  This document defines the hexadecimal colors, fonts, sizes, etc. used in the design of your website.

4. Thorough understanding of your service provider’s SLA’s (Service Level Agreements): This is the agreement you have with your service provider that defines the amount of uptime you can count on.  The goal is 99.99% uptime each calendar month.

5. An agreement with your service provider about what penalties they will pay if they violate the SLA.

6. Thorough understanding of your service provider’s security policies, emergency escalation plan, backup & recovery processes, and server maintenance schedule.

7. A non-disclosure agreement with all staff and vendors who have access to your interactive property.

8. Clear, clean, concise, keyword-rich copy and content. Hire a professional writer with SEO experience.

9. Disaster recovery plan.  In case of technical disaster or site attack, you should have a plan for immediate site recovery.  In addition to frequent site backups by the service provider, you should have a clean electronic copy of your site available.

10. Information and permission to access your website.  You may need any of the following: FTP access, HTA access, database access.

The help of a professional, knowledgeable consultant means a better return on the investment you’ve made in your interactive property and overall bottom line.