A Good Watchdog Can Stop A Thief

A Good Watchdog Can Stop a Thief
By Lori Bratz

Business owners and corporate executives use vendors to fill the role of an IT team or creative department because the resources they have in house are overloaded or simply don’t exist. Outsourcing technical and creative projects is business as usual for the busy executive.

The sad truth of the matter is that there are many interactive service providers who are more than happy to take advantage of a busy executive.  No one begrudges an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.  I fully expect the people who work for me to make money.  In fact, I want them to make money and be successful. Everyone likes a winner.  But no one likes to be ripped off.

A friend of mine who is a VP of Marketing for an international company told me the other day that she thinks that buying products and services for her interactive division feels alot like getting repairs done to a car.  You just don’t know if you’re getting ripped off.  

Last week I met the Executive Owner of an outdoor advertising agency who told me that he’s paying his service provider a hefty monthly hosting fee because the provider registered his domain name for him and told him that he can’t move it anywhere else.  This man, a multi-million-dollar deal maker with an MBA was told a bald-face lie by a vendor and has just continually signed off on the monthly P.O.’s because he’s busy and needs his website.  I helped him understand his options.

How do you avoid being ripped off?  Checks and balances.  Bring in a knowlegable consultant for a short time to analyze your current interactive efforts, review your site, your providers, and the services you are getting. A watchdog consultant may find ways for you to save money immediately and recoup potential long term losses.

The help of a professional, knowlegable consultant means a better return on the investment you’ve made in your interactive property and overall bottom line.

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