Announcing WordPress Wednesday! The Next Best Thing to Doing it Yourself!

WordPress Wednesday is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to get an affordable, scalable website
By Lori Bratz

Welcome to the first ever WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY at WebProHelp! This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to get a WordPress website set up for just $250. We set up the infrastructure, the basic content, and we give you an easy-to-follow How-To guide so you can update your site and add content and photos whenever you want.

We’ll walk you thru these easy steps, but since it’s the next best thing to DIY, you have to do some stuff:
picture of business people meeting

    1. Call our lead account manager, Lori Bratz, who will ask you a few simple questions about your business.
    2. Go buy a domain name from Godaddy. Set the nameservers to,,*
    3. Buy website hosting thru our referral link at Dreamhost.
    4. Choose a WordPress theme from a library of thousands of themes for us to set up for you.
    5. Enjoy working on your website content at your leisure.

We will fill in the basic template for you, so that you have a functioning web presence and we will provide you with a simple-to-follow one-page guide on how to add articles and posts to your page.

What do you end up with? You get what we like to refer to as a “Business Card” site. It’s simple, straight-forward and easy to use. You can add content, articles, photos, etc. whenever you feel like it. You can make a huge, giant, information-rich site in your own time! But remember, you can’t customize TOO much because then it’s not The Next Best Thing to DIY. Then it’s us doing it. (Which we’re happy to do.) But not for the WordPress Wednesday deal.

That’s it! Couldn’t be easier to get your website up and running! Give Lori a call to schedule your WordPress Wednesday DIY Site!

*Our account manager will help you set your nameservers.