Christopher Alpiar : Developer

About Chris:I mostly work in Microsmooth DotNet (.net 4 is ok) / C#/ MS SQL / with a good working flow with CSS, HTML 4 and 5, XHTML, etc and custom JavaScript and AJAX. I use mostly Visual Studio 2010/ Visual C# 2010 and old trusty HomeSite.

I was the web developer responsible for front end and middle tier code for the portal. I did the finance section including real time and delayed stock quotes, charts, news and more. Also several parts of entertainment section like movies. I developed the first commercial use of Macromedia Generator. I developed and ran the technical training for new web developers on our proprietary code technology. I built a million dollar webcasting conference center and pioneered inital concepts in IP Multicasting with RealNetworks RealServer. I later became the manager of the InfoSpace Studios Group.