Facebook? Yes. Or Maybe No.


Should your business have a Facebook fan page?
By Lori Bratz

There’s a fun little web thing that people are doing now called Facebook. Facebook. It’s really neat because everyone on earth is “on it” and statusing (status-ing) about things they like, places they go, how they feel about their lunches, recalcitrant children, how annoyed they are to have woken up before the alarm clock went off and other important information about themselves and their daily lives. Everyone is a huge celebrity now and they are obligated to share their opinions with the world. Hooray for Mark Zuckerberg! Totally LOVE that guy. ANYWay.

They’re also “liking” things like Chapstick, sweet kisses, lion-head bunnies and businesses they know. I think I’m being clear. Facebook is where people are gathering. Sometimes people are spending their entire days with Facebook.

So, that being said, why would ANY business NOT have a Facebook fan page?? Here’s a reason: You cannot have a Facebook fan page if you won’t actually PARTICIPATE on Facebook. You can’t build a fan page and walk away. You have to manage it, build a fanbase, communicate, always be updating with good, relevant information. It can be a challenge, but heck, even King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls has an active Facebook fan page. How much is there to say about bread? Plenty, fellah. If you’re thinking it through.