How To Write Effective Web Content

How to write effective content for your website
By Lori Bratz

The best advice I can give you is to stay focused on your message. Be sincere. Be helpful. Help the people that you can and have a focused “call to action”.

Be focused. What is your product or service? Specifically? Write about your product in detail. What size is it? What are the benefits? Being specific and describing your product or service carefully will help you in your search rankings. People aren’t looking for “the best darn sewing machine company in the world”. They’re looking for a Husqvarna sewing machine dealer in Paducah.

Be sincere. When you write about your product or service, write about it truthfully. Be honest. If you truly ARE the leading business in your industry, add backup information to your claim. Don’t just throw words around about how awesome you are. That just makes you look untrustworthy.

Be helpful. Let your customers and potential customers know that you have a business or service that can be helpful to them, and why. Your content should PRE-ANSWER the questions that a potential customer might have. Why should they have your service/attend your class/buy your program?

Accept that your product or service is NOT for everyone. There are some people who are not interested in or who will not benefit from your product. Don’t try to “trick” people into buying your product or service by making misleading statements. What you have to offer may not be the right fit for some people. Accept it and move on. Focus on reaching out to the people you CAN help.

Have a “Call to Action”. That is to say, have a statement that tells your visitors what you want them to do. “Buy Now”, “Sign Up Here”, “Call For an Appointment”. If a customer has found your website and is interested in buying your product or service, let them know how to do it.

Good luck and remember, nothing speaks to customers like a sincere attitude!