“If you’re like me, and want your business to thrive, then talk with Lori Bratz.”

I was introduced to Lori Bratz early in 2013. She came highly recommended as someone who could resolve my then biggest business problem: client on-line scheduling. She quickly solved that problem.

She’s easy to work with. And so I’m now working  with her on other technology and marketing issues.

If you’re like me and own a small business, then you realize how important skilled vendors are. Our companies cannot afford to be “trailing edge” technologically.

Lori has complimentary skill sets: technology and marketing. Go ahead, ask her what she did at a little company named Microsoft! I could say that she’s efficient and knowledgeable, but those words alone don’t adequately recognize her value. Someone once lauded her as a “Champion.”  If you’re like me, and want your business to thrive, then I strongly consider that you talk with Lori Bratz. Discuss your business challenges. If she can address them, she’ll be honest with you.


It can be lonely running a business. Don’t settle for an adequate vendor. It’s wonderful working with Lori, she’s a champion.


Warmest regards,

Kevin O’Kane

Kevin J. O’Kane, LLC

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