Proper Website Management

What is Website Management?
by Lori Bratz

Adding a slideshow, changing information, posting an article, listing an announcement, responding to blog comments, monitoring and managing your online reviews. Those things all fall under the category of website management. Those are the tasks required to keep your website up-to-date with what is happening with your business. Search engines give your website more attention when you update the information more frequently. That is to say, they visit more often, and they list your site higher on results pages when they “learn” that your content changes frequently and is relevant. Read the Official Google Blog on “Fresh Content is Like Warm Cookies” from Nov, 2017. “If I search for [olympics], I probably want information about next summer’s upcoming Olympics, not the 1900 Summer Olympics (the only time my favorite sport, cricket, was played). Google Search uses a freshness algorithm, designed to give you the most up-to-date results, so even when I just type [olympics] without specifying the year, I still find what I’m looking for.” Proper website management = frequent updates.

Website maintenance, on the other hand, is more structural and behind-the-scenes to fight downtime and hackers. It’s visually checking your directories and files for errors, it’s frequently changing your passwords, it’s checking that links on your site aren’t broken, it’s checking the mail server, it’s checking your tools and web services (like WordPress, Concrete5, Drupal) for upgrades, it’s keeping on top of the latest news and information about your website’s technology and knowing when and how to fix those things when fixes are required.