Sales Reps Needed!

Spring is in the air and everything is turning green, especially your POCKETS!

cash is offering cash green money to you for your referrals! That means if you refer a friend who becomes a customer, you will get 10% of their first payment to Web Pro Help! If they spend $1000, you get $100. If they spend $5000, you get $500. That’s REAL money!


Frequestly Asked Questions:

Where can I find clients to refer?

EVERYWHERE! The play spot cafe you visit. Your favorite shop. Your kids’ favorite restaurant. Anyplace you visit that has or wants a website, site updates, help with their facebook fanpage, twitter, fresh new content or help being found in the search engines!

Fine print:

· Your friend needs to buy and pay for web services.

· You will be paid after their check clears.

· Your 10% commission applies to the very first payment your friend makes. It behooves you to talk us up.

· We cannot pay any referral fee for referral to any government or government funded agency or government contractor or subcontractor. That’s called a kickback and that’s illegal! Non gov agencies only!

· Friends who refer 5 clients will receive a stylish HAT!

eMail Lori Bratz today and let’s do business!