Write Good, Effective Web Content

How to write good, effective web content
by Lori Bratz

Everyone knows someone who knows how to turn a nice phrase. Beware of turning your web content over to someone who doesn’t have relevant experience or the discipline to research your industry. I had a friend who owned a construction business who hired a “professional writer” to write content for his website, but that content never came. His “professional” was a lady who spent 10 years writing (and publishing) articles about toddler issues. The writer was just out of her comfort zone so the content never came, the customer got frustrated and the website never launched. A good lesson for everyone. Get qualified professionals who know how to incorporate valid, searchable keywords with relevant content. Remember, no one is searching for keywords like, “Pretty Flash Image,” or “proud to serve the good people of our community” to find you.

Good, effective web content
1. is information that is relevant to your business.
2. is filled with the keywords that people are using to find the product or service you offer.
3. is not information to trick visitors to your site to get them to buy something totally unrelated.
4. is not rocket science.

You don’t need to hire a professional writer to write every last word of content. You do need to acquire professionally written information, but, unless your product or service is new to the marketplace, the smart way to go is to buy prewritten information in the form of articles or data feeds unless you have the budget to actually hire a writer who specializes in your industry. There’s nothing wrong or unethical with turning to your manufacturers to ask if you can leverage some of the work they have had professionally produced. Most often, manufacturers produce their materials specifically to help distributors sell their products.

Always approach content with the intention of offering solid help and information to your readers.