Website Management: Writing Content for SEO

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Why hire a professional website managment company to manage your content?
By Lori Bratz

You have a website that looks exactly like you want it to look, it contains all the necessary information about your business and it has some flash and some other cool elements. Congratulations are in order – until your competitor builds a website that has the fresh content that search engines crave, and they eat your celebration lunch.

You have what I like to call A Business Card website. It’s only useful to you and the people who already know about your business. A business card website is FINE if you are already very busy and can’t handle more customers, or if you simply want a place for your existing customers to find information about your business. But, if you want to get the attention of the Googles and Bings and Yahoos of the world, and be listed on the first page as an actual information resource, then you need to get WRITING!

Nothing tastes more delicious and keeps a spiderbot coming back to feast on MORE OF YOUR WEBSITE than fresh, hot, relevant content, served up piping hot each and every day. Mmmm, MMMM! :::robot voice::: Yum. This. Is. Delicious. :]

Goal? Feed those spiderbots or your website will sink into the mire of Google’s search results.

Clearly the answer is for you to sit at your desk all day long and write articles about your industry, your business, your target demographic and keep posting them to your website. Make sure you put the correct heading, subheading and meta tags on each article and organize your site in a heirarchy of related content.

Lucky thing you don’t have a BUSINESS to run.

Oh wait, you DO have a business to run. THAT is why you hire a website management company that specializes in writing good, effective website content. Good content writers do NOT have to have YOUR level of expertise to write content for you. Professional content writers do research on your industry, they talk with YOU to find out what message you’d like to put out, they learn about the latest news affecting your industry, and they produce good, solid content that feeds those search engines and keeps YOUR business on top of the organic search results! And THAT is delicious!