What is Kissmetrics Campaigns?

A few weeks ago, Kissmetrics CEO Brian Kelly announced the new phase of Kissmetrics – Customer Engagement Automation.

Customer Engagement Automation (CEA) is a platform that allows marketers and product teams to fully understand and drive customer engagement. It combines person-based digital analytics with scalable, engagement messaging.

Along with the CEA announcement, we released a new feature called Campaigns. With Campaigns, customers can send automated, triggered emails based on their user’s behavior.

Using our analytics platform, you’ll identify the segments in your user base that need some nudge. Whether it’s to get them to sign up, log in, use your product, etc. You’ll identify this segment with one of our reports, then use Campaigns to nudge them.

To best understand the value of Campaigns, let’s first discuss some common use cases for SaaS and E-commerce companies.

Campaigns Use Cases

Campaigns was created for marketing & product teams to help them acquire, engage, and retain more of their customers. Here’s some campaigns that SaaS and e-commerce companies can set up:


  • Abandon Cart email – Seeing customers are dropping off before purchasing? Send a triggered email to nudge them toward completing their purchase.
  • Follow-up Purchase – Stay on top of mind by sending customers a post-purchase email a week after making their purchase.
  • Personalized Product Offers – Selling a new product a segment of your customers will be interested in purchasing? Send an automated email to these users with an offer, then track it all within Campaigns.
  • Re-engagement Emails – E-commerce companies thrive on repeat purchases. Set up an automatic email to go out to customers who don’t purchase after x amount of days with an offer to come back and purchase.
  • Reward Loyalty – Segment your loyal customers by emailing them additional offers or free upsells on their next purchase.


  • Abandon trial users – Keep trial users engaged and increase the odds of a purchase by sending them an email to login and discover the value of your product.
  • Inactive paying users – Prevent churn by sending triggered emails to users after they haven’t logged in after a certain amount of time.
  • Feature Announcements – Send emails to all or a segment of your users who would be interested in using a new feature.
  • <li>Re-engage users – Email users who complete a part of your onboarding or feature usage but drop off before completing.

All these emails can be triggered to send within Kissmetrics. Identify the users that need more engagement, and then create a campaign to nudge them towards conversion.

Use Case: SaaS Company Struggling to Convert Trial Users

Let’s say you’re the Director of Growth for a mid-sized SaaS company. Your job is simple but challenging: grow the company. Acquire and keep more customers. You spend all day interpreting data and optimizing all stages of your funnel.

You use the Kissmetrics Funnel Report to track onboarding. These are all the trial users who have signed up and are currently working on getting set up and accustomed to using your product. After signing up and logging in, users begin the onboarding process by creating a workflow. Once they do that, they take an additional step by activating a part of the product.

Here’s what the funnel shows you:

saas kissmetrics funnel

The dropoff is clear:

opportunity in kissmetrics funnel

The weak part of the funnel is getting people to create a workflow. You move more people to creating their workflow, and it’ll have downstream effects on the rest of your funnel – after that it converts at 82%.

To nudge people towards creating a workflow, we’ll create a Campaign that sends them an email once they’ve logged in but have not created a workflow. To do that, we’ll create a new campaign and set the conditions.

We’ll name the Campaign “Funnel Improvement – Creating Workflow Trigger”

kissmetrics campaign first step

And we’ll set the conditions for the first email – triggering for people that have signed up, logged in, but have not created a single workflow.

delivery and trigger kissmetrics campaigns

We have those conditions set, now we’ll create the email. Here’s how the editor looks:

kissmetrics campaigns content editor

We’ll create the copy for this email:

kissmetrics campaigns editor email

We’ll click Save & Continue and review the conditions and the email:

review kissmetrics campaign

And that’s it! We’ll Save this message and it’ll be sent to those that fit our conditions. We’ll go back to the Messages page and set our Conversion goal as “Created workflow”:

conversion goal in kissmetrics campaign

And we’re set! That campaign will run and we’ll check in periodically to see how it’s performing.

Now onto the next optimization!


Kissmetrics pioneered behavioral analytics in 2009. Most analytics tools at the time only showed what was happening on your site. Kissmetrics was different because it showed you what was happening and who was doing it.

With CEA, we’re introducing the new phase of Kissmetrics be combining analytics with engagement to help you acquire, keep, and engage your customers.

If you’re already a Kissmetrics user, you can login and Campaigns will be available to you.

To get started with Kissmetrics, request a demo with one of our account executives.

About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) is the Blog Manager for Kissmetrics.

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