Why Switch to WebProHelp?

imageWhy switch?

by: Lori Bratz

Are you HAPPY with the CUSTOMER SERVICE you are getting with your current website management company?

What are you PAYING for?

We polled business owners and asked them their biggest complaints about their web administrator and every single one of them said that they could NOT get help when they needed it!  They call and call and leave message after message and don’t hear back for DAYS, if ever!

#1. Can’t get a hold of their web person.  OUCH!

What if there’s an emergency? Can you get a hold of the correct person to assist you?   At Web Pro Help, you have an account manager who KNOWS YOUR NAME and ANSWERS YOUR CALLS!

Here’s the Web Pro Help Customer Service Difference:

Web Pro Help:     We answer the phone!
The Other Guys:   Do NOT answer the phone!

Web Pro Help:      We aim to please!
The other guys:     Have a Push Back and Say NO culture.

We Pro Help:       We KNOW and CARE about your business.
The Other Guys:   Who are you, again?

At WebProHelp, we KNOW who you are and what your goals are and we CARE that you succeed!