Wikipedia. Why Do We Care About Wikipedia?

Wikipedia.  Why Do We Care About Wikipedia?
By Lori Bratz

Wikipedia is such an amazing community!  Who hasn’t spent hours poring over article after article about March Madness or The Russian Space Shuttle?  Wikipedia is a BIG DEAL.  When you’re searching for something on the internet you’ll notice that a vast majority of the time the first or second entry on Google’s search engine results page will be a Wikipedia entry.

Why create your own Wikipedia article? Reputation management. Your Wikipedia article will probably rank on page one for your company name.  You want to get in front of that and control what information is being featured about your company before someone else decides to write a page about your company that features a lot of info you do not want to share.  While it is true that your Wikipedia article can be edited by ANYONE, they need to validate their info with sources.

What should you do if someone edits my company’s article and it’s NOT flattering??  This is truly a case of the pen being mightier than the sword.  If you find yourself being cast infamously on Wikipedia, you can fight back by editing the article to show all your GOOD works, citing all your good deeds with their published sources!

Why have a professional writer create your page for you?  Simple.  Wikipedia can be complicated.  The community may edit or even delete your article if you don’t follow their tone, formatting and style guides.  If your article fails repeatedly, your business page can be BANNED from Wikipedia. And that would be terrible.